San Diego Business Litigation Lawyer


When Business Disputes Arise, Trustworthy Counsel Puts Your Mind at Ease

When negotiation and arbitration proceedings don’t resolve a business dispute, the next step in remedying the situation is business litigation. Litigation is the last thing a business wants to focus on. The right attorney can make the process seamless so that your company can continue operations without skipping a beat.

When litigation is necessary, our disciplined team uses every resource possible to fight for your case. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. We keep our focus on winning your case, without losing sight of your business goals and relationships. We work closely with our clients in every stage of the case, so you can trust that your attorney will fight for your goals.

The Moore Firm handles a wide array of business litigation, from large partnership dissolutions to nuanced intellectual property disputes, in Federal and State courts. Our firm specializes in corporate litigation and has extensive experience in cases involving breach of contract, fraud, bad-faith, corporate breakup, real estate, corporate entity, bankruptcy (creditors) and business torts.

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